Even if I never do half the things I plan on doing this next year, I will be silly busy and having me a hoot! So, the “how to read more” list was a little Facebook meme that came my way this morning, and I’m sifting through the advice, making plans. 

Yeah. So. Suggestion number 1 on that list—that ain’t gonna work for me. Tell you why.

I had several really excitable conversations with the husband today, one of which involved slip road etiquette and the current road rules governing merging traffic, but let’s not sour the convivial mood here with undue snarky.

All I’m saying is slip roads are stupid. Moving on.

I have my gin and tonic close at hand and a certain New’s Year’s eve swagger happening. Fireworks be damned, I’m happy writing here for the moment.

Do you like books? No real books, not the downloaded electronic kind. I don’t. I’m not a paper book fan. Shock horror. And it’s not because of my concerns for the environment, although there’s that. It’s not because I rarely want to read a book twice and so storing books I’ve read is a pain, although there is that. To give you the God’s honest, I don’t like the feel of books, specifically the side of books, the page edges. The thought of running my fingers over the edge of a book, down all those stacked dry, furry pages…yikes. I have a thing about furry peach skin too. So much so that I cannot bear to be in the same room as a peach.

So I love electronic books. No furry bits. That also takes care of suggestion 2, unless I leave my mobile booking-reading device somewhere dumb, which does happen with annoying regularity.

Suggestion3—not a problem. There are a ton of books I need to read. All one click away.

Suggestion 4—winner. I have absolutely no time for bad or boring writing this year. There are too many books I have to get through. It’s a relief to see someone say it’s ok to delete a book that’s not working for me. Also just one ‘click’ away. No flinging of electronic devices, please.

I just got to get into the habit of reading these terribly available and good books regularly. Reading an electronic device before bed is well understood to be bad for your sleep and for your health. And so if I’m going to be scheduling a daily read, like suggestion 5 says, it better not be at bed time.

Suggestion 6, a reading log? What, are we in primary school? Not doing that tedious malarky. Although I do swear I will be blogging here about good plays that I read. Oh incidentally I have read a great play, yesterday— Suellen (the CEO of JUTE Theatre) and Susan (co-founder of JUTE like myself) and I did a fun reading of one of JUTE 2017 plays, Mr Takahashi. I cannot wait to see the production of this. Going to be brilliant.

So, I’m doing some planning. Reviewing some convictions. Cementing some commitments. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. (and you thought that was Christmas). So much is possible. I love the fresh new year.




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