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img_5436Hello you. I’m Kathryn Ash and I’m a theatre dramaturg, writer and actor, practising all those fun skills since 1990. Originally I longed to be an actor.  And I still do occasionally tread the boards.

But what I really love more than any other aspect of theatre is writing, making stories, and helping other people make their stories work the way they want them to work. I’ve written a lot of plays, and got some traction, and won some awards, and scholarships and publications.  I adore story, and will never stop trying to craft plays.

I started this particular blog to talk about dramaturgy, the subtle art of helping others find their stories. I notice that not a lot of people know what dramaturgy is, and there is not a great deal about it online compared to other artform discussions.  So there heaps to say, and I hope some of it is helpful to you in your own writing journey.